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Shawn Rashid

American Race Car Driver

Making his professional debut within the motorsport industry in 2022, Shawn Rashid has had a fantastic first year of racing. Working his way to the front of the pack as the season progressed, he earned himself multiple podiums, displaying his natural talent as a race car driver. The sport recognised his talent, by awarding him the rookie trophy for every race of the season. Knowing he has to work twice as hard in order to compete with the experience of his fellow racers, Shawn has continued to go from strength to strength.


After moving to the UK from California, he has competed alongside other highly skilled drivers within the Avon Tyres National Formula Ford Championship, with Team Ammonite. Follow his journey here.

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After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Engineering, Shawn Rashid soon recognised his passion for driving and competition.

Realising where his true potential lay, he began vigorous training and educating himself about racing. He embraces all of his experiences with an open mind, taking everything as a new learning experience and is enjoying the journey.





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